Subtle sign?

It has to be the least subtle signage update ever, but the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is adding a skull and crossbones and the figure of a person running away to its warning symbol for dangerous ionizing radiation. According to the IAEA, until now people finding hazardous materials marked with the old sign of the three-petal "trefoil" occasionally ignore the warning and open protective lead casings only to expose themselves to a potentially lethal dose of radiation depending on the contents. The Authority believes that only people educated in identification of the old trefoil recognize it as a hazard whereas the meaning of the new sign should be more immediately obvious. The trefoil remains, but has wavy arrows emanating from it to symbolize radiation. Many radiation source manufacturers are already planning to use the symbol on their large products. Strategies to apply the symbol on existing large sources are being developed by the IAEA.