If it's good enough for Marilyn, it's good enough for swine

Hydrogen peroxide is usually the preserve of those who prefer their hair a lighter shade, but now US chemists have discovered that mixed with horseradish, it can rid farms of the foul stench of pig waste. The suffocating stench of hog farms can overwhelm people living close by and as farms get bigger and more people move to the country, the problem can only get worse. Jerzy Dec and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University report in a forthcoming issue of J Agric Food Chem how they have made a simple mixture that can dampen the smell. The malodorous chemicals giving rise to the stench are generally phenols. Peroxide acts as an activator for the peroxidases in the pungent horseradish root, which then oxidize these phenols, neutralizing the odor. Potatoes, white radish roots, and soybean hulls are alternative sources of peroxidases and could be used to neutralize other manure smells.