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Phenotypic Approaches in Drug Discovery Mar 18 2015
Meeting: United Kingdom [in English]

Recent reports have suggested that target-based approaches are useful but not informative enough and limit understanding the full pharmacology of drug actions. Some have suggested that phenotypic screening is a more successful approach to discovering novel drugs. Therefore, it is no surprise that phenotypic screening is making a comeback in drug discovery. This meeting will introduce the uses of phenotypic screening and systems pharmacology and will provide practical insights into some of the recent changes in its use and cover the benefits and issues in this area from a range of talks including case studies.

Event Location:
14/15 Belgrave Square
United Kingdom

Helen Gibb (send an email)
14/15 Belgrave Square
United Kingdom
Early registration: Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Keynote speakers:

Professor Douglas Kell, University of Manchester
Dr Gordon Saxty, Fidelta
Dr Jeroen DeGroot, BioFocus
Dr Paul O’Neil, Liverpool University
Dr Robert Owen, Pfizer
Dr Andreas Bender, University of Cambridge
Professor Steve Renshaw, University of Sheffield
Dr Neil Carragher, Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre

Session titles:

The cellular uptake of pharmaceutical drugs is carrier-mediated and thus a problem not of biophysics but of systems biology

Novel macrolide inspired macrocycles, the rule breakers for “Hard Targets”, identified by phenotypic screening

Phenotypic screening using human primary cell based assays

Hit to lead optimisation of novel antimalarial chemotypes derived from selected HTS campaigns

A chemogenomic approach to elucidating a mechanism for directing stem cell differentiation

In silico approaches to support mode-of-action analysis using chemical and biological data

Zebrafish phenotypic screens for anti-inflammatory (or pro-resolution) drug discovery

Integrating phenotypic screens with in vivo imaging and reverse phase protein array technologies to advance translation

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