Element 118 redux

Researchers at the Livermore Lab, USA, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia have confirmed the fleeting existence of elements 116 and 118. These heavy elements were originally reported in 1999, by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory but the claim was retracted when it was discovered some of the data had been falsified. The new evidence for element 118 and cousin 116 is more solid and pushes back the boundaries of the periodic table once more. The discovery should provide researchers with new insights into the nature of elemental instability. Element 118 is expected to be a noble gas that will sit nicely below radon in the periodic table. It has no official name yet, although for now you can call it ununoctium, or Uuo for short. Let's hope the powers that be allow the co-discoverers some poetic license in deciding on its final name.