Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (v.388, #1)

Mechanical ion gate for electrospray-ionization ion-mobility spectrometry by Li Zhou; David C. Collins; Edgar D. Lee; Milton L. Lee (189-194).
A novel ion gate for electrospray-ionization atmospheric-pressure ion-mobility spectrometry (ESI-IMS) has been constructed and evaluated. The ion gate consisted of a chopper wheel with two windows—one for periodic ion passage from the ESI source into the drift region and the other for timing and synchronization purposes. The instrument contained a 45.0 cm long drift tube comprising 78 stainless steel rings (0.12 cm thick, 4.90 cm o.d., 2.55 cm i.d.). The rings were connected together in series with 3.34-MΩ resistors. The interface plate and the back plate were also connected with the first and the last rings, respectively, of the drift tube with 3.34-MΩ resistors. A potential of −20.0 kV was applied to the back plate and the interface plate was grounded. The drift tube was maintained at an electric field strength of ∼400 V cm−1. An aperture grid was attached to the last ring in front of a Faraday plate detector, center-to-center. Several sample solutions were electrosprayed at +5.0 kV with +500 V applied to the ion gate. Baseline separations of selected benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and antibiotics were observed with moderate experimental resolution of ∼70.
Keywords: Ion gate; Electrospray ionization; Ion-mobility spectrometry; Resolution