Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (v.19, #1)

Heterogeneous modeling for the alcoholic fermentation process by S. S. E. H. Elnashaie; G. Ibrahim (71-101).
In this paper a heterogeneous model is developed for the alcoholic fermentation process. The model is expressed in terms of intracellular and extracellular concentrations of ethanol and sugar as well as biomass concentration as state variables. The model takes into consideration the floc size and the mass transfer rates of both ethanol and sugar. The intrinsic kinetics of the process used in the model was developed from published data which includes the inhibitory effects of ethanol and cells.The model development is achieved through comparison with one set of experimental results given by Novak et al. (1). The model is then checked against two other sets of experimental results. The developed model is also used to simulate an industrial fed-batch fermentar.
Keywords: Alcoholic fermentation; ethanol; industrial fermentors; fed-batch fermentors; diffusion-reaction; heterogeneous modeling