European Neuropsychopharmacology (v.26, #S1)

P.3.025 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor associates with gray matter volumes and early adverse experiences in bipolar disorder by V. Aggio; S. Poletti; O. Ambrée; C. Colombo; V. Arolt; F. Benedetti (S68-S69).

P.3.026 Serotonin 1B receptor binding is associated with trait anger and psychopathy in personality disordered violent offenders by S. Da Cunha-Bang; L. Hjordt; E. Perfalk; V. Beliveau; C. Bock; D. Sestoft; S. Lehel; C. Svarer; G.M. Knudsen (S69-S70).

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P.3.023 Effects of the potential lithium-mimetic, ebselen, on brain neurochemistry: a magnetic resonance spectroscopy study by C. Masaki; A. Sharpley; B. Godlewska; A. Berrington; T. Hashimoto; N. Singh; S. Vasudevan; U. Emir; G. Churchill; P. Cowen (S66-S67).

P.3.022 Repeated intranasal oxytocin administration as early preventive intervention for PTSD: a randomized controlled trial by J.L. Frijling; M. Van Zuiden; L. Nawijn; S.B.J. Koch; D.J. Veltman; M. Olff (S65-S66).

P.3.027 Executive function at baseline protects against cognitive impairment during acute stress and anxiety by A.S. Van Ghesel Grothe; N. Schulten; M.J. Garner; S. Morein-Zamir; A.C. Roberts; T.W. Robbins; B.J. Sahakian; A.B. Brühl (S70-S71).

P.3.028 Treatment outcomes of newly initiated antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected people in Saint-Petersburg, Russia by M. Vetrova; R. Heimer; L. Niccolai; O. Aleksandrova; A. Paschenko; S. Toropov (S71-S72).

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P.3.033 Lateralisation of the arcuate fasciculus in psychosis & the role in verbal learning & auditory verbal hallucinations by J. Kenney; S. McInerney; G. McPhilemy; P. Najt; C. Scanlon; S. Arndt; E. Scherz; F. Byrne; A. Leemans; B. Jeurissen; G. Donohoe; B. Hallahan; C. McDonald; D. Cannon (S76-S77).

P.3.030 Can initial MRI spectroscopy be useful in prediction of response to multiple sclerosis treatment with interferon beta? by T.M. Gondek; A. Zacharzewska-Gondek; A. Pokryszko-Dragan; A. Zimny; M. Sasiadek; J. Bladowska (S73).

P.3.021 Long-term signature after stress early in life by using mRNA-miRNA integration approach in rats and humans by C. Malpighi; G. Plazzotta; A. Luoni; V. Mondelli; C.M. Pariante; M.A. Riva; A. Cattaneo (S64-S65).

P.3.012 Sensitisation effects induced by d-amphetamine in healthy humans measured with the D2,3 radioligand [11C]-(+)-PHNO by A. Popovic; M. Bauer; L. Bartova; U. Sauerzopf; N. Praschak-Rieder; C. Rami-Mark; L. Nics; C. Philippe; M. Mitterhauser; W. Wadsak; S. Kasper; M. Willeit (S56-S57).

P.3.010 Endogenous plasma testosterone in healthy men is negatively associated with hippocampal serotonin receptor 4 binding by E. Perfalk; S. Da-Cunha Bang; K.K. Holst; V.G. Frokjaer; G.M. Knudsen (S54-S55).

P.3.009 Quitting cannabis decreases but does not eliminate psychosis risk: evidence from a 7 years large population-based cohort by U. Kirli; T. Binbay; H. Elbi; B. Kayahan; D. Gokcelli; K. Alptekin; J. Van Os (S53-S54).

P.3.008 Attenuated resting-state default mode network connectivity in remitted depression after sad autobiographical recall by C. Figueroa; H. Ruhé; G. Van Wingen; S. Martens; R. Mocking; A. Schene (S52-S53).

P.3.018 Schizophrenia susceptibility gene CACNA1C associates with microstructure of fornix by J. Zhao; D. Cosgrove; S. Kelly; A. Corvin; M. Gill; D. Cannon; C. McDonald; D. Morris; G. Donohoe (S61-S62).

P.3.019 Development of psychopathology in deployed armed forces is related to increasing plasma GABA levels by R. Schür; M. Boks; E. Geuze; B. Prinsen; N. Verhoeven-Duif; M. Joels; R. Kahn; E. Vermetten; C. Vinkers (S62-S63).

P.3.016 CYP2C19 enzymatic capacity predicts hippocampal volume in healthy subjects by N. Opel; M. Jukic; M. Ingelman-Sundberg; U. Dannlowski (S59-S60).

P.3.015 DNA methylation signatures of susceptibility to panic disorder by S. Iurato; T. Carrillo-Roa; D. Czamara; M. Ising; S. Lucae; E.B. Binder; A. Erhardt-Lehmann (S58-S59).

P.3.034 Brooding subtype of rumination is modulated by the interplay between serotonin receptor 2A gene and childhood adversity by N. Eszlari; D. Kovacs; P. Petschner; X. Gonda; R. Elliott; I. Anderson; W. Deakin; G. Bagdy; G. Juhasz (S77-S78).

P.4.013 Effect of sleep duration on white matter microstructure in bipolar disorder: a tract-based spatial statistics study by E.M.T. Melloni; S. Dallaspezia; S. Poletti; I. Bollettini; F. Benedetti (S96-S97).

P.4.012 Glial plasticity as a key mechanism underlying the pathophysiology of depression by A.R. Santos; A. Mateus-Pinheiro; N.D. Alves; P. Patrício; M. Morais; J.F. Oliveira; N. Sousa; L. Pinto (S95-S96).

P.4.010 Effects of maternal immune activation on dopamine activity in male and female offspring by M. De Felice; S. Aroni; A.L. Muntoni; R. Frau; S. Fanni; A. Pardu; P. Devoto; M. Pistis (S93-S94).

Author Index (S103-S106).

Keyword Index (S107-S108).

P.4.018 Cannabis use in the development of interferon-alpha induced depression by Z. Zajkowska; A. Russell; A. Borsini; N. Hepgul; V. Mondelli; P. Zunszain; C. Pariante; D. Forton; K. Agarwal (S100-S101).

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P.4.008 Astrocytic glucocorticoid receptors modulate stress-induced behaviours in mice by U. Skupio; M. Tertil; S. Golda; R. Przewlocki (S91-S92).

P.3.039 Effects of LSD and music on brain activity by M. Kaelen; L. Roseman; A. Lebedev; J. Kahan; A. Santos-Ribeiro; C. Orban; R. Lorenz; D. Nutt; R. Carhart-Harris (S80-S81).

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P.4.004 A key role of astrocytic lactate in the formation and maintenance of memories associated with cocaine-associated cues by B. Boury Jamot; A. Carrard; J.L. Martin; O. Halfon; P.J. Magistretti; B. Boutrel (S88-S89).

P.4.003 White matter alterations following traumatic brain injury in mice may account for long term fear extinction deficits by M. Ouradou; Y. Zhu; E. Deou; C. Leconte; V. Besson; M. Plotkine; C. Marchand-Leroux; R. Mongeau (S87-S88).

P.3.006 Effects of visual adaptation on perception of and satisfaction with own body size: two randomised studies by H. Bould; R. Carnegie; H. Allward; E. Bacon; M. Sapseid; K. Button; G. Lewis; A. Skinner; M. Broome; R. Park; C. Harmer; I. Penton-Voak; M. Munafò (S50-S51).

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P.1.021 The G-immunoglobulins of schizophrenic patients demonstrate proteolytic activity by D. Parshukova; Y. Borodyuk; L. Smirnova; V. Buneva; S. Ivanova; A. Semke (S20-S21).

P.1.023 Impaired mitochondrial dynamics contributes to delayed neuronal development in Wolfram syndrome 1 by M. Liiv; M. Cagalinec; Z. Hodurova; A. Vaarmann; M. Mandel; A. Zeb; M. Kuum; M.A. Hickey; D. Safiulina; V. Choubey; E. Vasar; V. Veksler; A. Kaasik (S22).

P.1.022 The type of stress matters: different stressors can lead to different biological profiles by A. Du Preez; K. Musaelyan; M. Egeland; A. Hye; P. Zunszain; C. Pariante; S. Thuret; C. Fernandes (S21-S22).

P.1.013 Synthetic hallucinogen 5-methoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine and its action in the rat brain by K. Noworyta-Sokołowska; K. Kamińska; K. Gołembiowska (S13-S14).

P.1.003 Gene networks and blood biomarkers of methamphetamine-associated psychosis: a preliminary integrative RNA-Seq report by M.S. Breen; A. Uhlmann; C. Nday; S. Glatt; A. Metsalpu; D. Stein; N. Illing (S4-S5).

P.1.005 The “stressed” autophagy: chronic stress exacerbates Tau pathology by blocking autophagy clearance system by J. Silva; S. Rodrigues; M.B. Marques; P. Ludovico; N. Sousa; I. Sotiropoulos (S6-S7).

P.1.006 Sweating the small stuff: chronic psychosocial stress regulates microRNA expression in the hippocampus of the mouse by A. Gururajan; V. Peterson; A. Burokas; G. Moloney; T. Dinan; J. Cryan (S7-S8).

P.1.011 Changes in miR-212/132 expression in the hippocampus of rats subjected to olfactory bulbectomy by P. Misztak; P. Pańczyszyn-Trzewik; G. Nowak; M. Sowa-Kućma (S11-S12).

P.1.009 Effects of caffeine, nicotine and their combination with haloperidol on PSD molecules: relevance to psychiatric diseases by E.F. Buonaguro; G. Latte; L. Avvisati; F. Marmo; F. Iasevoli; C. Tomasetti; A. De Bartolomeis (S10-S11).

P.1.008 Interaction of nitric oxide synthase 1 with its adaptor protein: effects on schizophrenia-related dendritic alterations by E. Candemir; L. Kollert; L. Weißflog; M. Geis; A. Müller; A. Post; A. O'Leary; J. Harro; A. Reif; F. Freudenberg (S9-S10).

P.1.007 Ketamine-induced plasticity in mouse-primary and human-iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons involves D3R and mTOR pathway by L. Cavalleri; C. Chiamulera; M.J. Millan; E. Merlo Pich; P. Spano; G. Collo (S8-S9).

P.2.003 Serotonin 5-HT3 receptor antagonism potentiates the antidepressant activity of citalopram by B. Perez-Palomar; I. Mollinedo-Gajate; J.J. Meana; J.E. Ortega (S27).

P.2.021 The endocannabinoid system: possible new pharmacological target in the treatment of anorexia nervosa by R. Collu; M. Scherma; V. Satta; J. Bratzu; M.P. Castelli; M.F. Boi; P. Usai; L. Fattore; P. Fadda; W. Fratta (S41-S42).

P.2.019 Improvement of experimental focal ischemic outcomes by triflusal by S. Karamyan; M. Balasanyan; H. Topchyan (S39-S40).

P.2.018 Role of 5-alpha reductase in the pathophysiology of L-DOPA induced dyskinesia by S. Fanni; R. Frau; E. Tronci; C. Fidalgo; C. Lisci; A. Pardu; R. Pes; P. Saba; P. Devoto; M. Bortolato; M. Carta (S38-S39).

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P.3.004 Neuroimaging derived polygenic scores predict outcomes to psychotherapy and medication treatments for depression by T. Carrillo-Roa; B.W. Dunlop; C.L. McGrath; D. Czamara; A.S. Zaanas; M.E. Kelley; C.B. Nemeroff; W.E. Craighead; H.S. Mayberg; E.B. Binder (S48-S49).

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P.3.001 Influence of habitual negative affect on processing of negative facial stimuli in alcoholic patients by K. Charlet; L. Wulkau; A. Beck; A. Jorde; E. Zois; S. Vollstädt-Klein; M. Kirsch; H. Walter; F. Kiefer; A. Heinz (S46-S47).

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P.2.016 Muscimol effectively reverses impaired spatial memory in Alzheimer's disease-type streptozocin icv rat model by V. Pilipenko; J. Pupure; J. Rumaks; U. Beitnere; Z. Dzirkale; B. Jansone; R. Skumbins; V. Klusa (S37-S38).

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P.2.009 Differential contributions of mesocorticolimbic projections on decision-making under uncertainty and punishment by J.P.H. Verharen; M.C.M. Luijendijk; L.J.M.J. Vanderschuren; R.A.H. Adan (S31).

P.2.010 Ketamine inhibits the activity of thalamic neurons in anesthetized rats by M. Amat Foraster; P. Celada; A.A. Jensen; N. Plath; K.F. Herrik; F. Artigas (S31-S32).

P.2.011 The role of ascending ventral tegmental area projections in impulsivity and attention by J. Flores Dourojeanni; R. Adan; L. Vanderschuren (S32-S33).

P.2.015 Chronic effects of ‘biased’ 5-HT1A receptor agonists on object pattern separation performance and hippocampal plasticity by B. Van Hagen; N.P. Van Goethem; R. Schreiber; A. Newman-Tancredi; M. Varney; J. Prickaerts (S36-S37).

P.2.014 Lithium ameliorates manic-like behaviour in Ank3+/- mice via the kinesin cargo system: a protein interaction network view by M. Gottschalk; T. Ruland; M. Leussis; K. Gjeluci; T. Petryshen; S. Bahn (S35-S36).