European Neuropsychopharmacology (v.21, #S2)

P.4.017 Antihypoxic and enzyme inhibitory activity of the new anxiolytic drug afobazol by K.N. Koliasnikova; T.Y. Mozhaeva; G.A. Nazarova; N.N. Zolotov (S153-S154).

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P.4.004 Dipeptide anxiolytic GB-115: new receptor targets by L. Kolik; T.A. Gudasheva; S.B. Seredenin (S146-S147).

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P.3.005 Dilept - a novel type of antipsychotic based on neurotensin by R.U. Ostrovskaya; T.A. Gudasheva; S.B. Seredenin (S144-S145).

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P.4.009 Afobazol as inhibitor of NRH: quinone reductase 2 enzyme by I. Kadnikov; M. Voronin; S. Seredenin (S149-S150).

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P.8.002 Hydrolysis of 1-methyl-5-phenyl-3-acetoxy-7-bromo-1,2-dihydro-3H-1,4-benzodiazepine-2-one with the help of pig liver microsomes by E.A. Shesterenko; I.I. Romanovska; O.V. Sevastyanov; S.A. Andronati; V.I. Pavlovsky; T.I. Yurpalova; E.A. Semenishina (S172-S173).

P.8.003 Effects of chronic maternal deprivation in white rats and their correction by administration of the ACTH(4–10) analogue semax by E.A. Sebentsova; M.A. Volodina; D.M. Manchenko; L.A. Andreeva; N.G. Levitskaya; N.F. Myasoedov (S173-S174).

Author Index (S177-S179).

Keyword Index (S181-S182).

P.8.007 The biotechnological production of potential neuroprotectants: oligo-3-hydroxybutyrates by A.P. Bonartsev; V.V. Voinova; T.K. Mahina; V.L. Myshkina; G.A. Bonartseva (S175-S176).

P.8.004 A novel active small mimetic of brain-derived neurotrophic factor: bis-(N-monosuccinyl-seryl-lysine) hexamethylenediamide by A.V. Tarasiuk; I.O. Logvinov; P.Y. Povarnina; T.A. Antipova; T.A. Gudasheva (S174).

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P.6.003 Psychiatric co-morbidity and suicidality among methamphetamine dependent patients who seek treatment in Malaysia by A. Hatim; S. Mas Ayu; H. Habil; M. Mustafa; J. Gill; R. Rusdi; A. Amer Siddiq (S161).

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S.2.03 Reasons for schizophrenia patients to refuse long-term use of antipsychotics by A. Avedisova; V.I. Borodin; D.V. Yastrebov; G.K. Dashkina (S108).

S.1.04 How neuroadaptation may preclude effective pharmacotherapy for cocaine dependence by F. Noble; N. Marie; S. Puig; N. Benturquia; C. Marie-Claire (S106).

S.1.03 Nicotine-opioid interactions: in vitro and in vivo studies by R.K. Tuominen; R. Talka; T. Kivinummi; J.S. Pakkanen; S. Nuutinen; L. Ahtee; T.P. Piepponen; P.T. Männistö; O. Salminen (S105-S106).

S.2.04 Adherence to treatment in bipolar disorders by A. Gonzalez-Pinto; S. Ruiz De Azua (S108-S109).

S.3.05 Low positive affect, anxiety and depression by J. Harro; D. Matrov; T. Mällo; K. Raudkivi; E. Le Maitre; T Hökfelt (S113-S114).

S.3.02 Depression in females: difficulties in modelling and pharmacological studies by D. Avgustinovich; I. Kovalenko; G. Vishnivetskaya; M. Fomina (S111-S112).

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P.3.001 NMDA receptor co-determines vulnerability to develop dyskinesia in Huntington's Disease and levodopa-induced dyskinesia but not tardive dyskinesia by A.J.M. Loonen; S.A. Ivanova; P. Pechlivanoglou; E. Rudikov; I. Zhukova; A.F.Y. Al Hadithy; V. Alifirova; J.R.B.J. Brouwers; A. Semke; B. Wilffert (S142).

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P.1.019 Neuroprotective properties of a low molecular weight dipeptide analogue of BDNF -GSB-106 in cell culture by I.O. Logvinov; T.A. Antipova; A.T. Tarasiuk; T.A. Gudasheva (S126-S127).

P.1.024 Effect of chirality on the analgesic action of the C-terminal dermorphin fragment Tyr-Pro-Ser-NH2 by L. Guzevatykh; N. Glotov; T. Voronina; T. Emelyanova; L. Andreeva; N. Myasoedov (S129).

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