European Neuropsychopharmacology (v.19, #S2)

P.2.10 Cost-effectiveness in the pharmacoeconomics of depression treatment by L. Kavaliauskiene; V. Adomaitiene; R. Peciura (S150).

P.2.08 Long term follow up of adolescent depression: history of drug prescriptions by A. Päären; A.L. von Knorring; L. von Knorring (S148-S149).

P.3.01 Aripiprazole reduces risperidone-induced hyperprolactinemia: two case reports by A. Capasso; W. Milano; L. Milano; C. Siano; C. Petrella (S151).

P.3.02 Osteopenia by risperidone-induced hyperprolactinemia: a case report by A. Capasso; L. Milano; C. Petrella; C. Siano; W. Milano (S151-S152).

P.3.04 Cognitive functions and level of stress in schizophrenia-like psychoses before treatment and during quetiapine therapy by A. Wysokinski; M. Talarowska; A. Orzechowska; W. Gruszczynski; K. Zboralski (S153-S154).

P.3.03 Population study of remission rate in an outpatient psychiatric service in Moscow by A. Potapov; U. Dedurina; E. Tsukarzi; S. Mosolov (S152-S153).

P.2.07 Comparison of the effectiveness of trazodone and venlafaxine therapy in patients with diagnosed depressive disorders by K. Zboralski; A. Florkowski; M. Talarowska; A. Wysokinski; P. Galecki (S147-S148).

P.2.01 Duloxetine in the treatment of bulimia nervosa: a case report by A. Capasso; C. Siano; G. Nolfe; C. Petrella; L. Milano; W. Milano (S143-S144).

P.2.02 Citalopram and venlafaxine in the treatment of depressive disorder in elderly patients by P. Galecki; A. Florkowski; A.P. Jurczyk; K. Bobinska; T. Pietras; K. Zboralski (S144-S145).

P.2.04 Trends in treating depression of inpatients with ischaemic heart disease in university hospital by V. Adomaitiene; R. Babarskiene; E. Sepetauskiene; S. Sajauskiene; G. Jasaite (S145-S146).

P.3.06 Composite tardive dystonia associated with antipsychotic drugs for treatment of bipolar affective disorder: a case study by V. Adomaitiene; D. Rastenyte; A. Sveikata; G. Gumbrevicius; K. Lauckaite (S154-S155).

P.7.02 Hypoxic impact in the period of early organogenesis disturbs corticosterone levels in the adrenal glands and blood of pregnant rats by T.Y. Dunaeva; L.K. Trofimova; A.A. Baizhumanov; E.N. Goncharenko; A.V. Graf; Y.V. Krushinskaya; E.E. Chirazova; M.V. Maslova (S164).

P.8.01 Mental retardation – psychopathology, diagnosing and treatment – forty years after Webster's theory by K. Bobinska; P. Galecki; J. Smigielski; A. Florkowski; J. Szemraj (S165-S166).

P.8.02 The hydrolysis of 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-5-phenyl-1,2-dihydro-3H-1,4-benzodiazepine-2-one esters by pig liver microsomes by I.I. Romanovskaya; E.A. Shesterenko; O.V. Sevastyanov; E.A. Semenishina; V.I. Pavlovsky; S.A. Andronati (S166-S167).

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Author Index (S169-S170).

P.6.02 Substance use and serotonin transporter gene L/S polymorphism in children and adolescents by L. Merenäkk; J. Mäestu; T. Kurrikoff; N. Nordquist; L. Oreland; J. Harro (S162-S163).

P.3.08 Possible neurophysiological endophenotypes of schizophrenia at the different stages of illness progression by I. Lebedeva; V.G. Kaleda; L.I. Abramova; A.N. Barkhatova; S.A. Golubev (S156).

P.4.03 Influence of antenatal intermittent normobaric hypoxia in the period of early organogenesis on the behaviour of rats by L. Trofimova; A.V. Graf; T.Y. Dunaeva; M.V. Maslova; E.E. Hirazova; A.S. Maklakova; N.A. Sokolova (S158-S159).

P.4.04 Interaction between CRF and noradrenergic system in the rat frontal cortex by B. Zieba; H. Domin; K. Stachowicz; M. Smialowska (S159-S160).

P.4.06 Trazodone – efficacious way to treat adjustment disorders by P. Galecki; K. Bobinska; K. Zboralski; D. Berent; A. Florkowski (S160-S161).

P.4.05 Trends in use of diazepam in university hospital by V. Adomaitiene; B. Varanaviciene; O. Anciulyte (S160).

S.2.02 The brain prepared to become anxious: predisposing neurobiology in animals and humans by J. Harro; A. Alttoa; L. Herm; E. Kiive; T. Kurrikoff; J. Mäestu; T. Mällo; L. Merenäkk; N. Nordquist; L. Oreland (S113-S115).

S.2.03 The role of 5-HT1A receptors in emotional memory: implications for anxiety and depression by S.O. Ögren; T.M. Eriksson; J. Kehr; P. Svenningsson; O. Stiedl (S115-S116).

S.2.04 Are antidepressants really endowed with anxiolytic properties in relevant animal models? by M. Hamon; R. Mongeau; C. Martin; M.H. Thiebot; L. Lanfumey (S116-S117).

S.3.02 Molecular genetics of ADHD by K.P. Lesch (S120-S121).

S.3.01 Gene–environment interactions in schizophrenia by O. Mors; A. Borglum; D. Hougaard; P.B. Mortensen (S119-S120).

S.2.05 Wolframin (WFS1) deficient mice display increased anxiety and reduced adaptation in a novel environment by E. Vasar; S. Kõks; H. Luuk; M. Plaas; S. Sütt; S. Raud; K. Kurrikoff; U. Abramov; J. Innos (S117-S119).

KL.01 Bipolar disorders by G.M. Goodwin; R. Chandler; R.D. Rogers (S103).

ME1 Treatment of schizophrenia by C. Arango (S105).

ME2 Use of dual action antidepressants by S. Kasper (S105-S106).

S.3.05 Developmental programming of anxiety in mice by C. Gross; L. Lo Iacono; T. Tsetsenis; T. Ferreira; A. Gruart; J.M. Delgado-Garcia; A. Fernandez-Guizan (S122-S123).

P.1.05 The influence of the new analogue of AVP(6–9) – Ac-D-SPRG on the behaviour in white rats by A. Belyakova; O.G. Voskresenskaya; A.A. Kamensky; V.P. Golubovich (S134).

P.1.09 Psychoemotional state and cancerous growth metastases: possible roles of vasopressin by N. Popova; V. Nikolin; S. Ilnitskaya; M. Belyaev; A. Amikishieva; A. Kolobov; V. Kaledin (S137).

P.1.11 Neurochemical effects of prenatal exposure of selective M- and N-cholinoblockers in early ontogeny by A.A. Bairamov; A.O. Poletaeva; G.Y. Yukina; S.K. Meshcherov; S.N. Proshin; N.S. Mamina; N.S. Sapronov (S138-S139).

P.1.10 Acute hypoxia of early organogenesis: influence on stress-realising system of descendants by A. Graf; T.U. Dunaeva; L.K. Trofimova; N.A. Sokolova; Y.A.V. Krushinskaya; A.A. Bayzhymanov; E.N. Goncharenko (S138).

S.4.03 Neural cell adhesion molecule and depression-like phenotype in mice by A. Zharkovsky; A. Aonurm-Helm; T. Zharkovsky; V. Beresin; E. Bock (S126-S127).

S.4.02 Time course in evolution of brain amyloid and its relation to cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease by A. Nordberg; A. Forsberg; A. Kadir; O. Almkvist; H. Engler; B. Långström (S125-S126).

S.4.01 Neuroplasticity and neuronal cell adhesion molecules by E. Bock; P.S. Walmod; T. Secher; V. Berezin (S123-S125).

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