European Neuropsychopharmacology (v.15, #S1)

P.3.06 A glycogen synthase kinase 3-ß -50 T/CSNP influences long-term response to lithium salts in bipolar illness by A. Pontiggia; A. Bemasconi; E. Benedetti; A. Serretti; C. Lorenzi; C. Colombo; E. Smeraldi (S56-S57).

P.3.07 Antipsychotic agents and neuromusculardysfunction by I. Reznik; L. Volchek; M. Reznik; A. Weizman; H.Y. Meltzer (S57-S58).

P.3.05 Association and haplotype analaysis of90 single-nucleotide polymorphisms in mood disorders by E. Maron; S. Kõks; T. Nikopensius; S. Ahmäe; E. Heinaste; K. Vabrit; V. Tammekivi; E. Hallast; K. Koido; A. Kurg; J. Shlik; V. Vasar; A. Metspalu; E. Vasar (S55-S56).

P.3.04 Sumatriptan effect on regional brainperfusion: predicting therapeutic response in OCD by E. Harary; T. Hendler; J. Zohar; M. Lustig; E. Goshen; T.S. Zwas; Y. Sasson (S55).

P.3.03 Poststroke depression — diagnosis and treatment by G. Djokic; N. Zivkovic; A. Dostanie; S. Milivojevic (S54-S55).

P.3.08 Quantification of serotonin transporterswith [123I]ADAM and SPECT in healthy human subjects: preliminary data on tracer kinetics by J. Sacher; N. Klein; T. Geiss-Granadia; N. Mossaheb; T. Attarbaschi; A. Holik; S. Asenbaum; C. Pötzi; G. Dobrozemsky; R. Dudczak; S. Kasper; J. Tauscher (S58).

P.3.13 Clinical impact of CYP2D6 polymorphismin patients with Alzheimer's disease in therapy with donepezil by M.G. Scordo; E. Varsaldi; G. Miglio; M.L. Villa; A. Biolcati; M.-L. Dahl; G. Lombardie (S61-S62).

P.3.12 Recovery from bipolar depression aftertotal sleep deprivation: a 3.0 T BOLD fMRl event-related study of moral thinking by A. Bernasconi; D. Radaelli; F. Benedetti; V. Blasi; M. Cadioli; C. Colombo; A. Falini; G. Scotti; E. Smeraldi (S61).

P.3.11 Intravenous infusion of allopregnanoloneinduces sedation in humans by F. Van Broekhoven; T. Bäckström; I. Sundström; E.L. van Luijtelaar; E. Smits; R.J. Verkes (S60).

P.3.10 Ethanol-like effects of N-methyl-d-aspartatereceptors antagonist memantine, and its ability to prevent cue induced alcohol craving by M. Tsoy; E.M. Krupitsky; O.N. Neznanova; A.M. Burakov; T.Y. Didenko; D.V. Masalov; T.N. Romanova; A.Y. Bespalov; E.E. Zvartau; J. Krystal (S59-S60).

P.3.02 The time course of neuropsychiatric symptoms induced by pegylated interferon-alpha-2b and ribavirin treatment for hepatitis C: a follow-up study by S.J.H. Bull; C. Maddock; S. Landau; K. Barry; P. Maulayah; M. Hotopf; A. Cleare; S. Norris; C. Pariante (S53-S54).

P.2.22 Strain related gender differences incortical 5-HT autoreceptor responses to sub-chronic fluoxetine by G. Shalom; T. Lifshytz; E. Gur; B. Lerer; M.E. Newman (S47-S48).

P.2.23 Evidence for social recognition inC57BL/6J and A/J mice by A.A. Malyshkin; E.E. Zvartau; J.M. Van Ree; M.J.H. Kas (S48-S49).

P.2.25 Characterisation of a caffeine-inducedmodel of insomnia in the rat by L.M. Paterson; M. Ivarsson; P.H. Hutson (S49-S50).

P.3.14 Cholinergic modulation of memory, learning and visuospatial processes in healthy elderly volunteers by E. Wezenberg; R.J. Verkes; B.G.C. Sabbe; G.S.E Ruigt; W. Hulstijn (S62-S63).

P.3.15 Neural correlates of distorted moralthinking in bipolar depression: a 3.0 T BOLD fMRl event-related study by D. Radaelli; A. Bernasconi; E. Benedetti; V. Blasi; M. Cadioli; C. Colombo; A. Falini; G. Scotti; E. Smeraldi (S63).

P.4.06 Behavioral modifications induced by dietary cholesterol in rats by V. Micale; C. Mazzola; G.M. Leggio; D.L. Alkon; F. Drago (S76).

P.4.05 Morphologic changes of heart electric field in depressive patients treated with dosulepine by E. Kitzlerová; O. Kittnar; I. Paclt; J. Slavíček; M. Anders; A. Dohnalová (S75-S76).

P.4.08 Neurophysins response to apomorphineand clonidine in major depression by G. Scantamburlo; M. Hansenne; M. Ansseau; J.J. Legros (S77-S78).

Keyword index (S85-S86).

Author index (S81-S83).

P.4.10 Different response to a dexamethasone and prednisolone test in treatment-resistant depressed patients by M.F. Juruena; A. Cleare; A.S. Papadopoulos; L. Poon; S. Lightman; C.M. Pariante (S79-S80).

P.4.01 A functional NOS-III haplotype is associated with bipolar disorder by A. Reif; A. Strobel; C.P. Jacob; S. Fritzen; A. Schmitt; K.-P. Lesch (S72-S73).

P.3.19 Quantification of striatal D2 receptoroccupancy in bipolar patients treated with olanzapine using [123I] lodobenzamide and SPECT by T. Attarbaschi; T. Geiss-Granadia; J. Sacher; N. Klein; N. Mossaheb; G. Wiesegger; R. Lanzenberger; S. Asenbaum; R. Dudczak; S. Kasper; J. Tauscher (S66).

P.3.20 An fMRI study of the effect ofmethylphenidate on neurocognitive function in children with ADHD by R. Halari; E. Taylor; A. Smith; M. Mohammad; M. Brammer; K. Rubia (S66-S67).

P.3.18 Early course of schizophrenic disorders;results from a Dutch epidemiological study by N. Veen; R.S. Kahn; H.W. Hoek; W. Laan; D.S. Schols; I. van der Tweel; J.P. Selten (S65-S66).

P.3.17 Different effects of typical and atypical antipsychotics on grey matter in first episode psychosis: the ÆSOP study by P. Dazzan; K.D. Morgan; K. Orr; G. Hutchinson; X. Chitnis; J. Suckling; P. Fearon; P.K. McGuire; R.M. Mallett; P.B. Jones; J. Leff; R.M. Murray (S64-S65).

P.3.16 Dopaminergic modulation of processing of uncertainty: a fMRl challenge study with methylphenidate by I. Nenadic; R. Schlösser; S. Zysset; K. Volz; S. Köhler; U. Demme; R. Schubotz; H. Sauer; D.Y. von Cramon (S64).

P.3.21 The effect of clozapine on factorscontrolling glucose homeostasis by O.D. Howes; A. Bhatnagar; E.P. Gaughran; S. Amiel; R.M. Murray; L.S. Pilowsky (S67-S68).

P.3.22 Predictive factors of resistance to antidepressant treatment: results from a European multicentre study by P. Oswald; D. Souery; S. Kaspere; Y. Lecrubier; J. Zohar; J. Mendlewicz (S68-S69).

S.4.2 Bipolar disorder by G.M. Goodwin; W.A. Handley (S71-S72).

P.3.24 Volumes of brain structures in twinsdiscordant for bipolar disorder by A.C. van der Schot; R. Vonk; H.E. Hulshoff Pol; V. Nuboer; W. Nolen; R.S. Kahn (S69-S70).

P.3.23 Naltrexone for treatment of heroindependence in Russia by V. Egorova; E.M. Krupitsky; E.E. Zvartau; D.V. Masalov; M.V. Tsoi; A.M. Burakov; T.Y Didenko; T.N. Romanova; E.B. Ivanova; A.Y. Bespalov; E. Verbitskaya; N.G. Neznanov; A.Y. Grinenko; G. Woody (S69).

P.2.15 Kynurenic acid andN-acetylaspartylglutamate do not alter PPI in mice by E. Pålsson; D. Klamer; A. Revesz; J.A. Engel; L. Svensson (S42-S43).

P.1.15 Differential alterations in GABAA receptorexpression and function induced by ethanol of hippocampal and cerebellar granule cells by M. Carta; M.L. Mura; M.C. Mostallino; S. Caria; G. Gorini; E. Biggio; P. Follesa; G. Talani; E. Busonero; E. Sanna; G. Biggio (S14).

P.1.14 Modulation of the mesocortical dopaminergic system by prefrontal 5-HT1A receptors. Role in antipsychotic drug action by A. Bortolozzi; M.C. Scorza; L. Díaz-Mataix; E. Celada; M. Toth; F. Artigas (S13-S14).

P.1.13 Hyperactivity and altered dopaminergicfunction in FGF-2 knockout mice by E. Bedogni; P. Fadda; A. Fresu; G. Racagni; M.A. Riva (S12-S13).

P.1.19 The role of brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) in anorexia nervosa and hyperactivity by M. de Krom; J. Hillebrand; J. Hendriks; A. van Elburg; R. Adan (S16-S17).

P.1.23 The long-term paraquat administration produces a slowly progressing degeneration of the nigrostriatal system in rats by K. Kuter; J. Wardas; E. Nowak; J. Dąbrowska; A. Bortel; L. Labus; T. Lenda; M. Šmialowska; J. Wierońska; B. Ziéba; S. Wolfarth; K. Ossowska (S20).

P.1.22 Proteomic search for intracellular bindingsites of antidepressants by T. Kirmeier; C. Turck; E. Holsboer; T. Rein (S19).

P.1.21 Chronic antidepressant treatments reduce glutamate release and protein-protein interactions favoring formation of snare complex by M. Popoli; R. Giambelli; L. Raiteri; E. Tiraboschi; L. Musazzi; V. Barbiero; M. Raiteri; G. Racagni; G. Bonanno (S18-S19).

P.1.11 Hyperforin inhibits serotonin uptake by activating non selective cation channels by K. Treiber; A. Singer; B. Henke; W.E. Müller (S11-S12).

P.1.03 N-terminal domain of Wolframin interactswith carboxypeptidase E by H. Luuk; U. Tools; S. Kôks; E. Vasar (S5-S6).

P.1.04 Impacts of type I interferons (IFN-α andIFN-τ) and type II interferon (IFN-γ) on the kynurenine pathway in human uninfected or HIV-1 infected macrophages by B. Manéglier; C. Rogez-Kreuz; O. Spreux-Varoquaux; N. Dereuddre-Bosquet; J. Marlal; P. Thérond; C. Advenier; D. Dormont; P. Clayette (S6).

P.1.02 The effect of chronic lithium and lithium withdrawal on ventral tegmental area dopaminergic function by L.J. Ferrie; C.M. Martin; A.H. Young; S.E. Gartside; R. McQuade (S4-S5).

P.1.06 Chronic lithium treatment attenuatesmarkers of ageing in the hippocampus of C57BL/6 mice by A. Shaldubina; S. Shoham; Y. Bersudsky; R.H. Belmaker; G. Agam (S8).

P.1.10 Effect of St. John's wort (Hypericumperforatum) on cytochrome P-450 2C6, 2D2 and 3A1/2 in rats by M. Dostalek; J. Pistovcakova; J. Jurica; J. Tomandl; I. Linhart; A. Sulcová; E. Hadasova (S10-S11).

P.1.25 Galantamine increases firing activity of dopaminergic neurons in the ventral tegmental area by B. Schilström; V. Ivanov; C. Wiker; T.H. Svensson (S21-S22).

P.2.08 Role of the cannabinoid cb1 receptorantagonist sr 141716a in relapse to heroin seeking by L. Fattore; G. Cossu; M.S. Spano; S. Deiana; P. Fadda; W. Fratta (S37).

P.2.05. Rats reared in social isolation displaydisrupted ppi and elevated levels of kynurenic acid in the hippocampus by S. Erhardt; S.B. Powell; L.K. Nilsson; K.R. Linderholm; N.R. Swerdlow; M.A. Geyer (S34-S35).

P.2.04 The role of the melanocortin sytem in visceral pain by G.J. Geerse; V.M. Wiegant; R. Stam (S34).

P.2.10 Discriminative stimulus propertiesof tianeptine: partial substitution by fluoxetine and 8-OH-DPAT by T. Alici; H. Kayir; M.O. Aygoren; E. Saglam; I.T. Uzbay (S38-S39).

P.2.14 Influence of NMDA-receptors blockator on the sleep-wakefulness cycle in cats by O. Mchedlidze; N. Menteshashvili; M. Gogichadze; N. Lortkipanidze; E. Chidjavadze; L. Beritashvili (S41-S42).

P.2.13 D3 dopamine receptor knockout mice: behavioral alteration in experimental models of anxiety by G.M. Leggio; C. Mazzola; V. Micale; D. Consoli; T. Incognito; E. Drago (S41).

P.2.02 The 5-HT1A and GABAA-benzodiazepine receptors: Effects in behavior and pharmacology in female 5-HT1A knockout mice by M.J.V. Van Bogaert; L. Gerritsen; L. Groenink; R.S. Oosting; B. Olivier (S32-S33).

P.1.30 Proteins involved in the cell death induced by a fragment of APP by A. Madeira; J.M. Pommet; F. Parker; M. Duchenne; L. Mercken; L. Pradier; A. Prochiantz; B. Allinquant (S25).

P.1.31 Constitutive dimerization of the histamineH3 receptor in living cells by S. Morisset; C. Chabret; J.M. Arrang (S25-S26).