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Like a hall of mirrors, nanostructures trap photons inside ultrathin solar cells  April 22, 2014

In the quest to make sun power more competitive, researchers are designing ultrathin solar cells that cut material costs.

Spray-On Polymer Mats Seal Surgical Incisions  March 21, 2014
Biomaterials: Researchers apply mats of biodegradable nanofibers directly onto tissues using a commercial airbrush
Nanoparticles Deliver Three Cancer Drugs To Tumors  April 20, 2014
Drug Delivery: Polymeric materials deliver specific amounts of multiple drugs to disease cells
Grow and Expand Together (GET) Channel Partner Program from Alfa Aesar  April 23, 2014
Alfa Aesar, A Johnson Matthey Company, announced today that it will commence a new Grow and Expand Together (GET) Channel Partner Program. The GET Program will facilitate the development of research...
Coming, glasses as strong as steel -  April 14, 2014

New York, April 14: Imagine glasses that are strong as steel and can be used for producing hard, durable and seamless complex shapes that no other metal processing method can.

New Rheology Webinar from Malvern Instruments  April 23, 2014
In a webinar on 7 May 2014, Dr. John Duffy, Rheology Technical Specialist, Malvern Instruments, will present new experimental data that shows how the recently launched m-VROCi  microfluidic...
Redirecting Amyloid Fibril Growth  April 20, 2014
A polymer-peptide conjugate causes amyloid-ß peptide to assemble into discrete nanostructures instead of fibrils
Simple Coating Gives A Boost To Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells  March 24, 2014
Materials: Flexible solar cells made from low-grade silicon absorb more light with layers of metal nanoparticles
ACS Meeting News: Color-Changing Gels Track Food Quality  March 21, 2014
Nano-based materials indicate age, temperature history of perishables
Thin Metal Organics Join 2-D Club  April 6, 2014
Transmetalation increases the members of a family of ultrathin crystals
Graphene Directs Silk Nanofiber Growth  February 9, 2014
Flexible, strong, conductive silk-graphene nanocomposite could be used as a scaffold for tissue engineering and in biosensor applications
Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles Increase Tumor Vulnerability To Radiation Therapy  April 15, 2014
Nanomedicine: The particles react with hydrogen peroxide to increase oxygen levels and pH in tumors
Multicolored Crystals Synthesized For Bar Codes  March 30, 2014
Microrods could have applications for counterfeiting prevention, biological sensing
Adsorption Calorimetry  April 20, 2014
ACS Meeting News: Underused technique for measuring bond strength reveals new phenomena in surface chemistry
Hard Silicon Wafers Yield Flexible Electronics  February 14, 2014
Electronics: New silicon exfoliation technique converts rigid electronic devices into ones that could be worn or rolled up
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